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Monday, June 19, 2006

the Steal, Chillerton, Attack!Vipers!, You Me and the Atom Bomb, Tim Holehouse live @ the Square, London, 19 May 2006

Moving way beyond meaningless sloganeering, a socially-aware punk community continues to think globally and act locally through its words, sounds and actions.

This time it was Daniel McGowan, the American environmental activist, whom the Last Hours team chose to support and raise funds for here in London.

Daniel, a long-time environmental and social rights campaigner, was arrested and brought before court last September on multiple counts of arson, property destruction and conspiracy. If convicted, he is facing a minimum of life in prison. Daniel has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Read more here.

The Last Hours team chose to stand in solidarity with the prosecuted activist and raise awareness regarding his case.

On its side it had Tim Holehouse, Chillerton, Attack!Vipers!, You Me and the Atom Bomb and the Steal. In other words the crem de la crem of the British punk South was there to support the cause with its sounds. So were around a hundred others who came to contribute their mite, socialize and dance the lively night away.

Tim from Among the Missing set the night off in a solo, seated and acoustic mode while, three bands and a couple of beers later, the Steal finished it off in a jumping and shouting collective 7 Seconds kind of way.

What started smoothly, finished electrifyingly and left none unsatisfied.

Chillerton (poppy punk not dissimilar to Hot Water Music), Attack!Vipers! (carefully measured hardcore fury at its finest) and You Me and the Atom Bomb (for fans of
Avail and the likes) all delivered ace shows.

Be on the lookout for benefit shows and support those who need it the most.

When they come knocking at your door, it will be too late for you to grumble. It is not too late though now that they are knocking at other people’s doors for you to protest on their behalf.


George Skafidas

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