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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Attack!Vipers, La Quiete live @ the Grosvenor, London 30 April 2006

You can always tell the winners from the starting gate just as you can always tell the quality bands from the opening chords, so they say.

If proof were needed to demonstrate this, then Attack!Vipers and La Quiete have delivered it on April 30 at the Grosvenor.

The mood for the evening was set as Attack!Vipers’ razor-sharp chords wafted into the hall. The highly energetic UK four-piece - which shares members with bands such as Ruin You! and Jets Vs Sharks - polished off some rant-ridden, vitriolic hardcore. Its sound, reminiscent of Transistor Transistor, Glass and Ashes and Planes Mistaken for Stars, is a Portsmouth-based pot where mostly US-bred melodic, ferocious and intense hardcore sounds are thrown into and mixed in the most catchy and creative UK way.

In a similar, yet noisier, vein La Quiete followed. Former members of Contrasto and Raein, the young Italians hit the British shores on a “screamo Italiano” sound wave and tore the Grosvenor apart surrounded by a hand-clapping and screaming cult following.

Photos providing testimony to the above follow.


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