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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

London Zine Symposium 2006 @ the Square
London, 22nd April 2006

Looking for creativity, genuineness, honesty and inspiration in a world of superficial gloss. Well look in the pages of independent publications and you might just find what you are in search of.

Taking place for the second year in a row, the London Zine Symposium is a “day of zines, Do-It-Yourself attitudes, creativity and fun”.

The aim is to bring together people who make, distribute, read, enjoy and appreciate fanzines.

Hundreds responded to the call and spent a wonderful Saturday at the Square Social Centre buying and trading stuff, tasting delicious vegan food and having literally “heated” debates while lying in the sun.

Ranging from open discussions on fanzine-related issues through to knitting and craftmaking workshops, the event was dedicated to all things fanzine, creative, Do- It-Yourself and independent.

The program included open discussions on zine related issues, screenings of zine and punk related films ($100 and a t-shirt, punk attitude), zine readings, zine production workshops, zine illustration and artwork exhibitions and a radical history walk around the area.

Now that the "ideology of freedom" has come "to mean the freedom to consume images rather than freedon to shape the reality behind the images" (Robin Anderson), some choose to be creators rather than mere consumers.

Join them next year in their annual celebration of independent culture and expression.

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