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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Annihilation Time, Crash the Pose, the Keep live @ Macbeth
London 29 April 2006

“For those about to rock, I salute you”

Annihilation Time spurn all but the most dirty, rumbling, smoking and fuming bad-ass rock n roll ever made. Hot off the heels of an amazing album on Manic Ride Records (vinyl version on Six Weeks Records) entitled “Annihilation Time II”, they are now touring Europe bound to wreck every pub, club and social centre they play at. Reckless, unrelenting rock n roll reminiscent of black flags waving in the breeze of a dead moon night as howlin wolfs celebrate Sabbath gatherings.

Excuse my shaken off-balance photos. They were taken while moshing with one fist in the air and the other hand holding bottles of beer and camera at the same time. Maybe they don’t clearly capture the show. They surely portray though the effects honest, mind blowing rock n roll has on a man trying to capture the show with his camera.


Before Annihilation Time, prominent UK bands such as the Keep and Crash the Pose stormed the stage of Macbeth. The underground UK scene is brimming over at the moment with excitement and creativity. Keep your eyes and ears open and visit this blog regularly. More reviews coming soon.


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Blogger Φ.Αψέντης said...

Ya know, I was pretty much following Annihilation Time whilst doing my own tour of Ex-Yugoslavia...I was in Zagreb when they played there, but couldn't make it to the fuckin' gig!

2:37 PM


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