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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Annihilation Time, Crash the Pose, the Keep live @ Macbeth
London 29 April 2006

“For those about to rock, I salute you”

Annihilation Time spurn all but the most dirty, rumbling, smoking and fuming bad-ass rock n roll ever made. Hot off the heels of an amazing album on Manic Ride Records (vinyl version on Six Weeks Records) entitled “Annihilation Time II”, they are now touring Europe bound to wreck every pub, club and social centre they play at. Reckless, unrelenting rock n roll reminiscent of black flags waving in the breeze of a dead moon night as howlin wolfs celebrate Sabbath gatherings.

Excuse my shaken off-balance photos. They were taken while moshing with one fist in the air and the other hand holding bottles of beer and camera at the same time. Maybe they don’t clearly capture the show. They surely portray though the effects honest, mind blowing rock n roll has on a man trying to capture the show with his camera.


Before Annihilation Time, prominent UK bands such as the Keep and Crash the Pose stormed the stage of Macbeth. The underground UK scene is brimming over at the moment with excitement and creativity. Keep your eyes and ears open and visit this blog regularly. More reviews coming soon.


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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

London Zine Symposium 2006 @ the Square
London, 22nd April 2006

Looking for creativity, genuineness, honesty and inspiration in a world of superficial gloss. Well look in the pages of independent publications and you might just find what you are in search of.

Taking place for the second year in a row, the London Zine Symposium is a “day of zines, Do-It-Yourself attitudes, creativity and fun”.

The aim is to bring together people who make, distribute, read, enjoy and appreciate fanzines.

Hundreds responded to the call and spent a wonderful Saturday at the Square Social Centre buying and trading stuff, tasting delicious vegan food and having literally “heated” debates while lying in the sun.

Ranging from open discussions on fanzine-related issues through to knitting and craftmaking workshops, the event was dedicated to all things fanzine, creative, Do- It-Yourself and independent.

The program included open discussions on zine related issues, screenings of zine and punk related films ($100 and a t-shirt, punk attitude), zine readings, zine production workshops, zine illustration and artwork exhibitions and a radical history walk around the area.

Now that the "ideology of freedom" has come "to mean the freedom to consume images rather than freedon to shape the reality behind the images" (Robin Anderson), some choose to be creators rather than mere consumers.

Join them next year in their annual celebration of independent culture and expression.

Photos and links follow



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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bold, Down to Nothing, The Steal live @ the Garage, London 25/04/2006

Nearly 17 years after their demise, Bold reunite, wear the Xs on their hands and work on new songs. Following their discography CD-release on Revelation Records earlier in 2005, the New Yorkers are now touring Europe.

Waving the flag for the Youth Crew movement of the late eighties, the band has delivered songs flat out impossible to forget. Famed for their heartfelt, positive message and incorporating solos and melodic interludes to their hardcore punk, Bold have paved the way for thousands later to follow. 20 years on they sound a bit dated though, unable to inspire and excite the way they used to.

The 25th of April saw them at the Garage delivering their old-school hardcore punk in front of a young audience that wasn’t even born back in 1985.

The classic old tunes were there (running like thieves, wise up, nailed to the X etc.), Porcell and Matt were there as well as a couple of hundred other hardcore enthousiasts. Something was lacking though. Bold, young til they die seemed to do their best but that wasn’t enough to engage the audience in a whirlwind of flying bodies and raised fists.

Down to Nothing, the UK band that preceded them on stage, managed to pull this hardcore feeling off more successfully. The kids, going ape during their show, seem to relate way more to their hardcore intensity and message. Metallic hardcore to mosh and sing along to, tight, groovy and sincere.

The Steal came first that night to warm up the half-empty Garage. In the vein of bands like Paint it Black, this young and promising four-piece delivered fast-paced and hard-hitting hardcore loaded with hooks. Nice.

Photos and links follow as always.
Take care
See you @ the next show

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