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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rainydayfuckparade, Kamikazee, Battletorn, Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon live @ the Grosvenor, London 14/04/2006

Rainydayfuckparade: I missed them

Kamikazee: Tearing, shredding and distorted hardcore filled to the brim with weird, spastic transitions and insane riffing while slam-dancing singers spit their guts out. Interesting to say the least.

Battletorn: Do not let their metal looks deceive you. Their music bears no resemblance to the Metal Church t-shirts they sport. They flew into England all the way from Brooklyn NYC as a duet (guitar, drums) to deliver a series of 10-minute live shows across the island. The one in London failed to demonstrate the intensity and fury of their studio recordings. Fast and raw old-school hardcore. I have to give them credit for the kick-ass t-shirts and their honest attitude.

Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon: Slow, dark and heavy music. Long captivating compositions crawl out of swamps where Saint Vitus and early Isis intersect. Amazing performance backed up by a video projection and an amazing debut cd on Modusoperandi Records.

Photos follow for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to use them. I would appreciate it if you mentioned the source.


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