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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rainydayfuckparade, Kamikazee, Battletorn, Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon live @ the Grosvenor, London 14/04/2006

Rainydayfuckparade: I missed them

Kamikazee: Tearing, shredding and distorted hardcore filled to the brim with weird, spastic transitions and insane riffing while slam-dancing singers spit their guts out. Interesting to say the least.

Battletorn: Do not let their metal looks deceive you. Their music bears no resemblance to the Metal Church t-shirts they sport. They flew into England all the way from Brooklyn NYC as a duet (guitar, drums) to deliver a series of 10-minute live shows across the island. The one in London failed to demonstrate the intensity and fury of their studio recordings. Fast and raw old-school hardcore. I have to give them credit for the kick-ass t-shirts and their honest attitude.

Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon: Slow, dark and heavy music. Long captivating compositions crawl out of swamps where Saint Vitus and early Isis intersect. Amazing performance backed up by a video projection and an amazing debut cd on Modusoperandi Records.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

March @ the Grosvenor

A dazzling array of amazing bands stormed the stage of Grosvenor in March.

The band barrage included Trencher, Glass & Ashes and The Holy Mountain (March 10), the Burial Year and Zann (March 13), Narwhal, Sinaloa and Ampere (March 21), Ray Reardon Youth, the Keep and Bolz’n (March 23). They all delivered mind-blowing sets.

Catch them live next time they play your city.

My personal favourites:

The Holy Mountain come from Florida. They deliver hammering and tight crust with socio-political lyrics and occasional metal solos. An absolute force to reckon with live. Their latest work entitled “Enemies” is out on No Idea Records.

Glass & Ashes come from California. Their music is equal parts Gainesville and Washington DC. Melodic yet angry, complex and diverse yet loaded with hooks noisy punk rock. For fans of Yaphet Kotto and the likes. Check their latest release “Aesthetic Arrest” on No Idea Records.

Zann. Amazing band from Germany. If you like your hardcore to be straight-edge and socially conscious and its sound down-tuned, heavy, diverse and well worked out, then check this band out. Their new LP “Three Years in the Desert” will be soon released on Vendetta Records.

Sinaloa and Ampere were equally passionate and inspiring. So was their new split release on Ebullition. Everything from its artwork to the sounds and the writings on the insert brim over with authenticity and creativity. Sinaloa sound more melodically intense and uptight while Ampere do justice to their noisy Orchid past. Amazing stuff.

the Keep hail from Wales. The title of their demo-CD “Fuck You and Your God” pretty much reflects their anti Christian message. Imagine a slower and heavier version of Severed Head of State and you’ve just about captured their sound.

That’s what I love about the independent punk community. It’s not the sound but the mentality and the ethics of staying aware and active in your own terms that bring us all together. And it’s this mentality that makes us widen our horizons, open our minds and appreciate anything from the melodic approach of Sinaloa to the grind assault of Bolz’n.

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