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Monday, February 13, 2006

Modern Life Is War, the Plight @ the Barfly
London, Saturday 4th February 2006

As far as I’m concerned, there are very few ‘new-school’ hardcore outfits out there worthy of your time and money.

Modern Life Is War, coming all the way from the U.S, is one of them, one of the few that value substance over style and keep the standards of hardcore integrity and honesty up high. Heart-felt screaming vocals spit pessimism and disillusion over a heavy, tight and thick yet diverse hardcore musical background. Convincing, honest and inspired music, a much welcomed rarity indeed in a sterilized and largely shallow scene.

The Plight, a young four-piece from Leeds, took me by surprise and blew me away with its engaging, sharp and vicious hardcore influenced rock n roll (or rock n roll influenced hardcore if you prefer). U.K’s answer to Annihilation Time. Check them out if you want your hardcore catchy and rockin with occasional solos here and there. Their first release will be out soon. Be on the lookout.

Photos unsuccessfully trying to capture the intensity of that night follow for your viewing pleasure. They were taken by my brother Head Dripper. Feel free to reproduce without permission. I would appreciate it if you mentioned the source.


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Modern Life Is War
The Plight

Need for Support

A true sense of community and solidarity is what makes - and should make - the D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) scene stand out as a counter culture that has a lot to offer and even more to challenge in a brand-dominated world.

Moving away from trends, the independent punk scene has always put its message - rather than style and sound - in the forefront and called for awareness and action. In this sense it connects individuals on the basis of how they view the world, builds bonds between people on the ground of their dreams and hopes and consequently, adds more than trading value to human life.

In this spirit, I call out everyone who feels or wants to be a part of this scene to support also Jack Control, the vocalist of Severed Head of State and World Burns to Death. He “was stabbed and seriously wounded in an altercation outside a show in Austin, Texas on Saturday January 28th. Jack's wounds required over three hours of surgery and he lost 4 pints of blood”. Even though his situation has stabilized, he “has no medical insurance and will face a monolithic amount of medical and legal bills”. Those of you who have read Al Quint’s column in Maximumrocknroll # 271 already have an idea of the insane cost of health care in the U.S and how the uninsured can be completely fucked.

Check out the HardcoreHolocaust website for more information and contact details. Benefit shows are already in the works.

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