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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

MORE THAN MUSIC an introduction

It's more than music, it's more than a sound, it's more than a dance or a dressing code. It's about building communities and networks around non-commercial ideals and values, about facing bigger challenges than what product to choose, about creating, about wanting to communicate and share rather than sell, about taking the control of your culture back from the jaws of image makers and marketing managers, about facing reality and building realities around what "might seem dumb to them" but "it's pounding in our hearts".

This blog aims to report on the communities, the efforts, the work and the sweat of the people who chose not to sell themselves to the music business. They did it and they're still out there spreading their messages worldwide. In addition, this blog will report on these messages and the issues they raise when music becomes a platform of social awareness and political activism. This is for the ones who travel ten hours to play in front of ten people who didn't go to that big club that night, this is for the ones who set up that show in a non-profit way and the ones who were there reporting on it, this is for me and this is for you who made the effort to read it.

A glossy cover on MNE does not equal passionate and true music, an HMV ad and a high-budget video do not either. We all know that. A cheap amateur blog might lead you to some. So, be on the lookout.


Blogger PDK said...

I am so moved by your words. I haven't read such true and moving words about music for a long time. I know a lot of musicians in China who 'travel ten hours to play in front of ten people'. I even get used to this. But today after I read your words, I find that this was not only a hobby or an activity, this is a kind of spirit and consience that we have lost for a long time. I am thinking that it is really possible that all the genuin music fans unite together to create a new way of making, diffusing and commenting good music, which may be ignored by greedy music business, by the help of the Internet.

Really glad to read your blog!

2:32 PM

Blogger HeadDripper said...

We gonna be on the lookout of your blog because we love being out of the spotlight.Keep supporting the underground scene and help us read between the lines.Posing on the frontpage is not our aim,walking on the frontline will always be...

4:53 PM


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