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Monday, January 30, 2006

Flyblown, Sayyadina, Rotten Sound
Live in London, Underworld 25/01/06

Starting off with a confession to all the extreme music enthusiasts out there, I have to admit that I never enjoyed blasting the –let’s pack a hundred songs in a 7inch- Agathocles releases at full volume nor have I ever thought of Obscene Extreme as my dream music festival.

That said and oddly enough, I had a great time witnessing Flyblown (d-beat from the U.K), Sayyadina (grindcore from Sweden) and Rotten Sound (grind from Finland) stripping contemporary music of any sense of melody, warmth and smoothness on a cold Wednesday night.

Hundreds of bands nowadays plow the same strip of hyper fast and raw musical ground. These three however manage to pull something rather exciting and fresh (or rotten) out that sets them above the mediocre pack.

Sayyadina especially, with the release of their newest lp, “Fear Gave Us Wings” (an engaging blend of visceral grind riffing, ultra fast rhythms and screaming vocals) on Sound Pollution Records and recent international touring, are poised to turn heads on a larger scale than ever before and they are surely worth it.

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